Monday, 30 January 2017

Salus RT500RF Room Thermostat Review

Cost effective, fairly well designed, and also the number one best seller on Amazon, the Salus RT500RF is a remote controlled thermostat. Not to be confused with the many WiFi models that seem to be in such high demand right now. However, remote controlled (wireless radio frequency) will be just fine, and very convenient for most people.

Salus claim that the receiver and digital control box should be no more than one meter apart. And they are correct. That is the recommended distance for maximum pairing power. However, due to various reasons some of reviewers have placed them further apart, such as 2 meters, and have said everything still worked as it is supposed to. Just don't push the boundary distance too far.

The Salus RT500RF can be set (programmed) to a maximum of five times (per day) through the week days, and has an additional five different timer settings for the weekend. Or you can set it for seven days to run concurrent. This is one of the best cheap, capable digital thermostats (with a screen) if you're on a tight budget and want the freedom to operate a heating system where you want to make use of multiple temperature changes per day (or turned on and off multiple times a day) with minimal fuss.

Salus RT500RF Room Thermostat Specification

  • Multiple channel wireless radio frequency (868MHz)
  • Blue LCD screen (Stays illuminated for 5 seconds when button is pressed)
  • Volt free contacts
  • 98 foot range
  • Easy wiring
  • Excellent current rating
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries
  • 5/2 or 7 day programming
  • Frost protection mode
  • Up to 5 different temperature settings per day
  • Temperature is adjustable in ½ (0.5) degree notches higher or lower
  • 2 year warranty

This model can be used for boiler control (As well as other things), but going on some of the feedback and reviews by users, for some, it has been pretty confusing and problematic to get it up and running successfully. But, there are people also saying this when it comes to the general programming of the device. So, this could well be down to buyers just not being that familiar with the Salus way of doing things. It can take a little bit of getting used to. Rest assured, this model works great with most heating systems, including boilers.

Salus 500RF Heating Controls Instructions Video

Like most things, it has a small learning curve. If you are already familiar with Salus thermostats, then you should be right at home with the RT500RF, and will have no problem getting it wired and working just fine. Obviously, for most people, reading the manual is recommended. Gone through the manual but still can't manage to get it to work how you want it to. Take a look at the How to use video above, where it takes you through many of the basics like setting up and programming different heating times and temperatures.

One thing worth being aware of is the standard frequency is used by many other devices present in your home and surrounding homes. This can have a tendency to cause interference. If you experience interference, you can switch the device to a different channel by following the instructions in the manual.



At 30 January 2017 at 15:38 , Anonymous Ademco said...

Ademco thermostats.. Any reviews coming on them?

At 7 April 2017 at 10:57 , Anonymous Al said...

danfoss thermostaat not workin. should i troubleshoot or buy same one again


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