Saturday, 3 March 2018

Center Thermostat Instructions

Center Thermostat Instructions. Bought a used Center thermostat that didn't come with instructions. Or have you just moved into a new home and realised you don't know how to work the thermostat. Whatever the reason, an instruction manual is always a welcome addition to any unit you are not familiar with. While a lot of thermostats do operate fairly similarly, some can be very confusing to use. Even thermostat veterans can sometimes have trouble with new thermostats. Technophobes, or those of us that are quite old school when it comes to technology can have a few problems with the "Smart" units, like the Nest range.

Center Thermostats are generally quite easy and straight forward to use. And when you become a frequent user and get past the small learning curve, you will be able to use them without even thinking about it. But before that time comes some of you will need to browse the manual. So this post will be dedicated to linking out to some of the manuals / installation guides and instructions for various Center models.

  • Five page manual / user guide for the Center EHE0200361 RF - View or download here
  • Twelve page user manual for Center models EHE0200153 and EHE0200154 - View / Download here
  • Four page installation guide for Center models EHE0200153 and EHE0200154 - View / Download here 

The most popular model that people want the manual for is the EHE0200361 RF, which has been talked about on Thermomatic already. If you want to watch a quick video that offers a hands on view of the controls, or you want to read about a few of the problems that this model can potentially give you (it's mostly a decent unit), take a look at this post.