Sunday, 5 November 2017

Baxi Duo Tec 28 HE Wireless Thermostat

Got a Baxi Duo Tec 28 HE Combi boiler and don't know which thermostat to use? The Duo-Tec 28 HE Combi does have its own Baxi brand range of wireless thermostats available that are compatible with this model boiler. Thermostats like the single channel Baxi 5117391 wireless thermostat will work fine with this unit. With this type of controller the receiver plugs directly into a section located within the boiler itself.

Not sure where this is? On the front of the boiler, at the bottom, there is a drop down plastic panel which reveals the boilers control panel. A series of dials, pressure gauge and a mini LCD screen etc. On the far right there is a round plastic cut out. You would need to pop the front of that plastic off in order to wire the wireless receiver unit up to the boiler. See the video below for an example.

The control unit sends the information to the data receiver plugged into the boiler. So that eliminates the need to have the receiver on a table or sideboard somewhere in your home. For some people this can be more convenient, for others it makes no difference at all.

Baxi wireless thermostats like the Baxi 5117391 do complete the set as far as being compatible and staying brand loyal is concerned. However, they are expensive, hard to track down, and do not have the best track record when it comes to reliability. Add to that, there are so many other units that are compatible with the Baxi Duo Tec 28 HE boiler.

For someone who wants to save some money and have ease of control, it would be much better to just use a wired room thermostat with their Baxi Duo Tec 28 HE Combi. If you decide to do this, you pretty much have a massive selection to choose from. Some of those (depending on how much individual control you need) include, the Salus RT300, Salus RT500, Horstmann C-STAT 17M, Honeywell CMT907A1041, and the Honeywell DT90E1012 digital room thermostat.