Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Salus RT500BC Thermostat Quick Review

Baxi boiler compatible, the Salus RT500BC is a very popular thermostat for people who want to replace or renew their old Baxi boiler / heating control with a new, shiny, up to date model. This will do the job very well. The reviews are mostly excellent. It has volt free contacts, a choice of 5/2 or full 7 day programming, frost protection mode, auto and manual options, On/Off, Burner active screen icon, time, day, temperature read out, weak battery warning, and a sleep setting.

There is also a plug in boiler receiver with this model, but please make sure your boiler model is compatible. If not it's not the end of the world as you can buy a kit to make it work. But understandably, most people won't want to make an additional purchase and will probably be better off buying a thermostat they know is definitely compatible with their boiler to save all the hassle.

Video: How to use the Salus RT500BC Thermostat

It has a very respectable RF (Radio Frequency) range of over 195 feet. That's twice the distance stated for the Salus RT500RF. However, if going through multiple walls, and coupled with interference from other devices (note: The frequency can be changed if you are experiencing lots of interference) operating on the same frequency, take this range distance with a grain of salt. Possibly even strip it down to half or a third. All things considered though, that's still pretty good. Actually, Salus do admit themselves that the range will be shorter when the device is used in a close setting (a house or apartment).

The screen glows blue only when a button is engaged. Otherwise it will remain dull. Also worth being aware of: To save energy. the screen will not light up if your AA batteries are running near empty. Many Salus Thermostats come with a 2 year warranty. This one is no exception.



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