Thursday, 19 January 2017

Salus ST620RF Review

Well, despite costing more, and looking more technologically advanced with its blue digital clock face style screen dial, you may be surprised to read that the S-Series Salus ST620RF actually has a lower overall reviewer score than both the 500BC and 500RF models. However, the total number of reviews for the 620 is lower, and over time it may even out a bit. But it's still a concern to see a few people with problems.

In defense of this model, look at any digital thermostat reviews and you will quickly see that most have a few negative scores. Like with any product, there are always a few people who are not happy. Either from a faulty product, it not being 100% compatible with their system, or from the new user just not being familiar with how it works. It is quite advanced, but get the hang of how it works and the Salus ST620RF is an excellent thermostat. Having some problems and need a more hands-on approach, which shows the unit in action?. Check out the great video below by Plumb Buddy TV.

How to Operate the Salus ST620RF Wireless Thermostat

That said, the bad reviews for the Salus ST620RF seem to be problems with either the pairing between the receiver and control box, or more commonly with people just finding it very confusing to use. On a good note, when it's good it appears to be a great thermostat. There are some very happy buyers who find that the SALUS 620RF fits all their needs and performs perfectly year after year without any issues.

The ST620RF features manual and auto modes, and has 7 day programming with up to 6 changes to to times and temperatures each day. It also has smart settings, such as holiday mode, service mode, Frost protection and a sleep setting.  Like many Salus thermostats, this one is also operated by Radio Frequency (RF). The outer border of the round dial screen is actually a very clever touch sensitive scroll pad.

The screen displays a lot of useful information, like the time (12/24hr), day, temperature, burner active icon, and can even display a phone number to a service engineer (service mode) for you to call when the service is due. It is entirely up to you when you set the service date. It can be changed at any time. Review the video above or refer to the manual for instructions on how to do this.



At 5 December 2017 at 12:39 , Blogger Steve Hale said...

Salus are very rude arrogant and not helpful i have found if you have a boiler with a metal flap on it this interferes with the signal between reveiver and transmitter

At 5 December 2017 at 12:40 , Blogger Steve Hale said...

If you have a boiler with a metal flap over it this affects the signal between transmitter and receiver salus themselves are clueless and rude


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