Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Center EHE0200361 RF Room Thermostat

To look at, the Center EHE0200361 RF is an almost identical twin to the Honeywell CM707. The only difference appears to be the brand name. This unit is wireless, operating on the very common 868MHz Radio Frequency. Just like the Salus RT500BC, It's a good, easy to use thermostat for central heating / boiler control. This unit is battery operated and has a low battery notification, so you will be alerted (by the battery icon on the screen) when the batteries need replacing. Needless to say, make sure you're you have some spare battery's handy. Better still, buy some rechargeable's (at your own risk). I say this because some thermostat brands do not recommend using them. But, some customers report using them with no issues what so ever.

The EHE0200361 RF features a Blue LCD screen which shows temperature read out, low battery notification, day and burner activated. It has 7 day programming with up to four changes each day. Other convenient functions on the front of the unit are buttons such as Auto, Manual, and Off. If you have already bought this model, are having problems, and want to watch a quick walk through video that shows some of the basic ways to set-up and program this thermostat check out the video below.

EHE0200361 User Guide / Quick Walkthrough

This model also has a "Copy" mode where you can basically just press copy to easily replicate the pre-programmed settings that you have already made for other days. So, if you want to set the same temperatures and / or on - off at the same time for numerous days, just input the details once then press copy for as many days as you want those same settings to be used. Job done.

Center EHE0200361 RF Problems?

There is also a spanner icon that can show up on the screen if an error has taken place. This can be fixed by taking the batteries out, and then putting them back in. If this fails to rectify the error you may need to seek professional advice. Seeing a red light on the relay unit? The wireless signal between the two units may have been broken due to the devices being too far apart.

Nothing happens at all.. The thermostat is dead..This problem is usually down to a battery / contact issue. Take a look at the battery compartment to see if there is any obvious defects. If not replace the batteries and make sure they are touching the contact on both sides (plus and minus). No good? Get some new batteries. Still not working: You may have to call out a professional to get it sorted out.

Price wise, it's middle of the road. There are so many digital thermostats that are RF controlled, offered by so many different brands, that the EHE0200361 has some serious competition on its hands at this price point and lower. But it can hold its own and makes a good purchase if you're looking to control a basic system.


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